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CBD Oil price at Walmart

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When was the last time you bought CBD oil at Walmart? As a matter of fact, till now Walmart sells only Hemp oil. Next time, when you pick up a CBD oil bottle check for the description on the label. You will be surprised to know that you were only buying hemp oil all these days.

We all love Walmart for being a convenient and fun-to-be shopping spot. But also, we should understand that Walmart doesn’t sell CBD oil, and definitely it is not the place to look for authentic CBD oils.

Walmart Does Not Sell Real CBD Oil at any Price!

Many of us don’t even care if we are buying Hemp oil or CBD oil. But really, it matters a lot if you plan to take CBD for medicinal purposes. Predominantly, people who consume CBD to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety issues should check the authenticity of the CBD oil twice before making the purchase.

In a similar way, one should perceive the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil. Likewise, one should know the benefits and side effects of CBD oil and Hemp oil.

At the end of this page, you will learn to differentiate CBD and Hemp. Plus, you will learn where and how to obtain authentic CBD oil. Read on to know more about it.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the several Cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plant varieties. CBD is extracted from the leaves and the stem of the cannabis sativa plant.

Cannabinoids are claimed to be the best choice for treating mental disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain. Several studies have found many such similar health benefits of CBD.

Though we get CBD from the cannabis plant, it contains only 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive agent. CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant. The extraction method defines the amount of CBD present in the extract.

CBD crystals remain the most authentic form of CBD which is ideal for oral consumption. Notably, CBD oils contain a relatively lower amount of CBD in it. But CBD oils can be used just like any essential oil.

You can add it to your salads, or can even cook your preferred dishes using CBD oil. CBD is an extensive source for non-psycho-active cannabidiol

What is Hemp oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from the industrial hemp seeds, and the Hemp oil is extracted by pressing the hemp seeds. Hemp seeds don’t contain THC or cannabinoid. Hence, if your primary need is CBD, then you should buy CBD oil and not hemp oil.

Apart from sardines, hemp oil is a great source for Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Also, hemp oil can offer health benefits without Giving the “high.”

Notably, industrial hemp is the safest cannabis plant extract that provides a lot of health while using it on a routine basis. However, several studies have claimed that hemp seeds don’t contain any cannabinoids. That way, it is of no use to utilize hemp oil to attain the health benefits of CBD.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

The rich Omega – 3 fatty acids ensures the much-needed energy and stamina to keep the body active and functioning. Equally, Linolenic acid help in reducing body weight. All these compounds in hemp oil help in producing a large number of Cannabinoids which is responsible for the efficiency of the body’s immunity system.

Hemp oil can actually help you to reduce body weight in the long-term. Also, Omega -3 helps in maintaining the health of the brain cells. The vitamins and fatty acids prevent breakouts and help in maintaining healthy skin.

Precisely, hemp oil is a great option for maintaining good health. But it cannot cure critical health conditions. It is enormously critical to keep in mind that Hemp oil can be used as a supplement and not medicine.

Benefits of CBD

CBD is used for multiple medicinal purposes. Particularly, it helps in alleviating severe chronic pains and sciatic pain. Likewise, CBD is used to treating skin problems, mental disorders, sleep disorders, and anxiety related issues. It helps in preventing the growth of cancerous cells.

Anti-inflammation is a widely claimed health benefit of CBD. While the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help in dissolving tumors in the blood vessels. It indirectly helps in prevent cardiac arrests caused by the tumors which transferred to the heart and block the valves.

CBD is known to provide a calming effect on the muscles and brain. As a consequence, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety, and it also helps in managing fear while talking in public.

Cannabliss CBD oil

Cannabliss CBD oil is a great option if you are looking for authentic CBD extract. Cannabliss CBD oil is extracted from the fresh and authentic cannabis sativa plant leaves and stems. Enjoy the benefits of CBD by utilizing this organic Cannabliss CBD oil.

Cannabliss CBD oil can offer you the most relaxing moments in your hectic life. Be it a busy workday or a tiresome night after playing with your children, Cannabliss CBD oil can reduce depression, stress, and alleviate the unpleasant body pain. It offers a calming effect on your muscles and mind, and it helps you in managing the everyday tiredness while improving the overall body health.

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Even before trying to search for the CBD oil price at Walmart, you should know that Walmart doesn’t sell actual CBD oil. Walmart sells only Hemp seed oil, and it doesn’t contain CBD or THC in it. CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of the cannabis plant.

CBD oil contains cannabidiol which provides the boost to the body’s immunity system by activating the cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. Also, CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC which is absolutely safe to consume.

Try CANNABLISS CBD Oil Drops Risk Free Today!

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Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seed, and It doesn’t contain THC or Cannabinoids in it. Likewise, it doesn’t provide any health benefits with regards to the endocannabinoid system.

Hemp oil is purely a supplement that can add value to your diet by keeping obesity in control. Similarly, it helps in reducing the fat and keeping the body weight in control.

4 Brilliant Reasons Why Hiring a Personal Trainer Is Worth the Money

personal trainer with client lifting dumbbells

There are over 299,000 personal trainers in the United States.

Why so many? Because personal trainers provide results that many Americans are looking for. If you’re looking to lose weight or you want to tone your muscles, there’s a personal trainer out there that can help you.

Wondering if personal trainers really help you achieve your goals or if they are a waste of money? Keep reading to discover five smart reasons to hire a personal trainer.

1. Accountability

Personal Training provides the accountability many people need to stay motivated.

Studies show that working out with other people gives you better results. If someone is waiting for you at the gym, you’re more likely to convince yourself to show up. It’s one thing to disappoint yourself, but it’s harder to let yourself disappoint others.

Another tip to increase your accountability is to pay for sessions ahead of time. This way, if you miss a session you are also losing money.

2. Real Results

Hiring a personal trainer provides real results.

With a personal trainer, one of the first things you will do is set fitness goals. This helps your trainer understand what you’re working towards and helps you realize your end-goal.

Your trainer will then customize your sessions to your needs and goals. During each session, you’ll track your progress and see how far you’ve come. Tracking your results also helps you stay motivated.

3. Variety

If you’re wondering, “is a personal trainer worth it?” think about the variety that they provide.

Instead of walking half an hour on the treadmill every time you go to the gym, your personal trainer will switch up your routine for each session. They’ll combine both cardio and strength training to give you the results you’re looking for.

You won’t be able to use boredom as an excuse to skip the gym anymore.

4. Reduce Injury

You should hire a personal trainer to reduce your chances of injury.

A personal trainer has education and experience with all the equipment and movements you’ll use. Instead of watching a Youtube video and hoping you’re doing the exercises correctly, they’re able to guide you through the process.

They’re also trained to help you stretch your muscles and make sure your body is properly warmed up and cooled down before and after a workout.

Find a Personal Trainer

Now that you know all the reasons to hire a personal trainer, you need to find the one that’s right for you.

First, look for trainers that specialize in what you’re looking for. You’ll choose a different trainer if you’re looking for weight loss than if you are training for a triathlon.

Once you find trainers specialized in what you want, look for reviews and testimonials. Then, ask if the personal trainer you’re interested in offers a complimentary session so you can see if they’re right for you.

Looking for more fitness inspiration? Check out the fitness section of our site for all the best tips and tricks.

More Than a Spice: 5 Fantastic and Scientifically Proven Benefits of Turmeric with Curcumin


Does depression have you feeling down? Is arthritis pain getting in the way of your daily life? 

Want to understand what you can do now to prevent serious health conditions in the future? 

Taking turmeric with curcumin may be able to help. 

Read on to learn all about the benefits of turmeric, and why you should add it to your diet today.

1. Relief From Arthritis Pain

One of the biggest benefits of turmeric is the relief it offers from arthritis and other nerve pain

In fact, a recent study found that turmeric with curcumin was actually more effective than traditional over-the-counter drugs for arthritis pain relief.

Plus, it comes without any potential side effects. 

It’s effective because turmeric root is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, blocking the body’s intake of NF-kB, which inflames the cell nucleus. 

2. A Boost of Antioxidants

Turmeric powder and other forms of the supplement also help your body to absorb higher levels of antioxidants. 

This provides a natural boost to your immune system, fights free radicals, and can even help to prevent early aging. 

It also guards against excessive oxidative damage in the body, which is responsible for a variety of long-term health conditions

3. Protection Against Alzheimer’s 

A daily turmeric supplement, such as those provided by Essential Core Nutrition, may also help fight off Alzheimer’s. 

This is because curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, helps to manage the levels of brain-derived neurotropic factor, or BDNF for short. 

When the growth hormone BDNF isn’t in the proper balance, you’ll be more likely to develop brain disorders like Alzheimer’s because your body isn’t making enough BDNF. Turmeric stimulates the growth of these neurons safely and effectively.  

4. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

If you have a history of heart disease in your family, taking turmeric supplements is a good idea. 

This is because turmeric helps to ensure your endothelium, or the lining of your blood vessels, function properly. This means that your circulation and blood pressure stay at healthy levels. 

In fact, some experts say taking this supplement is just as effective as working out when it comes to stopping heart disease.

5. A Natural Antidepressant 

Studies have shown that turmeric is able to naturally increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body. The supplement directly targets the hippocampus, ensuring that you have enough BDNF hormones to ward off depression. 

In some cases, turmeric supplements have proven to be just as effective as pharmaceutical antidepressants. 

Especially for those looking to avoid potential side effects of antidepressants like weight gain and sexual dysfunction, turmeric with curcumin provides the right solution. 

Harness the Power of Turmeric with Curcumin

Whether you’re looking for natural solutions to arthritis or depression or just need a way to ward off long-term health conditions, turmeric with curcumin may be able to help. 

Of course, diet and exercise — along with frequent visits to a medical professional — are also necessary to keep you in the right shape. 

Looking for more advice about what to eat to lose weight and stay healthy? Need to understand more about the supplements that pack a serious nutritional punch? 

Keep checking back with our blog for all the health news you need. 

5 Surprising Benefits of the Herbal Supplement Kratom


If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ve probably read mixed messages about an herbal supplement known as kratom.

Some people swear by it, saying that it’s something of a miracle supplement. Others, including those who work for the Food and Drug Administration, claim that it’s dangerous and ought to be made illegal.

Not sure where you stand on the issue? Before you make a decision, it’s important to make sure you have all the facts. 

Read on to learn about five of the greatest health benefits of kratom.

What is Kratom?

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is an herb that originates in Southeast Asia. It grows primarily in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Kratom contains a number of beneficial and powerful plant compounds, including alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. 

Health Benefits of Kratom

This powerful plant has long been used to treat a number of health conditions. The following are some of the most well-known health benefits associated with kratom:

1. Pain Management

Many people swear by kratom for its ability to help minimize pain. It’s a powerful tool for those who struggle with chronic pain or issues like chronic migraines

Kratom’s pain-relieving powers are due, in part, to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also binds to the opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord to reduce pain.

2. Addiction Recovery

Kratom may function similar to an opioid in the body when it comes to relieving pain, but it’s not as habit-forming as prescription opioids or drugs like heroin.

In fact, many people use kratom to help them taper off of other drugs to which they’ve become addicted. It minimizes withdrawal symptoms so they can detox from the other drugs in their system.

3. Anxiety Reduction

Kratom can also be a helpful tool for those who struggle with anxiety or high levels of stress.

When it’s taken in the proper dose, it can have a calming effect on the body and make it easier for anxious individuals to deal with their stress in a healthy way.

4. Improved Sleep

Thanks to its calming effect, kratom can also be used to promote better quality sleep. Kratom is a great, natural option for those who struggle with insomnia or are kept awake at night by stress or anxiety.

5. Weight Loss

Finally, kratom can also be used to promote weight loss.

Many overweight individuals have found that, when they take lab tested kratom capsules on a regular basis, their appetite is better controlled. They also feel less inclined to give in to their cravings for high-calorie, high-sugar foods. 

Need More Health Advice?

As you can see, there are a number of great health benefits of kratom, including faster weight loss.

If you’re on the fence about trying kratom, be sure to keep this information in mind.

Are you interested in other weight loss supplements? If so, be sure to check out the Supplements section of our site today.

You’ll find information here on all kinds of helpful supplements, from fat burners to appetite suppressants. 

Eating Clean: The Best Superfoods for Weight Loss


Statistics show that nearly three-quarters of American men, and 60% of women, are either obese or overweight.

Avoiding fatty foods, drinking more water, and exercising are often touted as the best ways to reduce body fat. Losing weight can improve your heart health, lower your risk of cancers, and even elevate your moods.

What if there were nutritious foods that you could add to your diet in order to increase your metabolism, lower your cholesterol, and keep you from eating more?

Below are some of the best superfoods for weight loss. Eating them can help you get thinner, healthier, and happier before you can say the word “diet.”


Apples have more fiber in their skin than most other fruits. They help you feel full with 20 grams of good carbs, and less than one gram each of protein and fat.

Apples can reduce your risk of diabetes and asthma, especially if you eat the skin. They also have plenty of antioxidants and catechins, which prevent cell damage. This will reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.


Almonds are one of the most healthy nuts you can eat. They are a lean source of fiber, protein, and monounsaturated fats, helping you to feel full so you will not crave bad fats and sweets.

When paired with a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats, almonds can lower your risk of heart disease. They are also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, thus guarding your system against heart disease, cancers, and diabetes.

Almonds are also an excellent source of iron, magnesium, Vitamin E, and potassium.


The fat in avocados is slow-burning oleic acid, which provides steady energy for your body without raising your cholesterol.

Avocados speed up your metabolism and help you feel full.


Lean sources of protein like eggs are often eaten by folks who want to lose weight. They fill you up and provide energy without stuffing extra carbs into your system. One large egg has six grams of protein and only 70 calories.

In one study, a group that ate a 2-egg breakfast demonstrated a 65% greater weight loss than a group that ate bagels. Eggs are also a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, calcium, and folate.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural way to suppress your appetite. Its secret ingredient is the antioxidant EGCG, which can help reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs. It can also slow down the growth of irregular cells, thus helping to prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


Moringa is taken from a plant that is grown in the sub-Himalayan mountains. It is rich in antioxidants and can help lower cholesterol.

Moringa also helps lower blood sugar levels, which reduces the amount of sugar your body stores as fat. It works against the free radicals that cause heart disease and diabetes.

Read more about the benefits of moringa here.


Salmon is a great source of lean protein, which can help you improve your metabolism and feel full while trying to lose weight. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which increase HDL (good cholesterol,) and decrease triglycerides (blood fat.)

Salmon can also prevent heart disease and protect your skin from UV rays.

The Best Superfoods For Weight Loss

Apples, eggs, and moringa are some of the best superfoods for weight loss. They will keep you feeling satisfied, energetic, and happy without adding extra fluff to your duff.

For more information on weight loss, read our blog today. 

Set Your Speed: The Best Place to Buy Exercise Equipment


You know that feeling you get when you’re at the gym? You look around and feel suddenly self-conscious. Everybody is super-fit and sweating it out and you’ve been snacking one on two many big-macs, of late.

But an estimated 160 million Americans are overweight. You don’t want to become part of that statistic, so what can you do?

You could exercise from the comfort of your own home. But in order to make that dream a reality, you need to get some exercise equipment of your own. So where is the best place to buy exercise equipment?

Set Your Budget

Before you begin to think about where to buy the equipment you need to think about what your budget is and what you are hoping to achieve.

Are you planning on doing mainly cardio? Do you want just a few items of equipment to exercise at home every now and then? Or are you looking to kit out a full home-gym to replace your fancy gym membership all-together?

As The Washington Post reports there are many good reasons why you might want to consider ditching your gym membership. One of the biggest reasons is that is counter-productive. It might actually be a waste of money if you’re not motivated or prepared to actually leave the house to use. Gyms benefit from customers who don’t turn up. 

Having said that, bear in mind many gym memberships come with other perks such as a swimming pool, classes, and massages. Replacing your gym membership outright might not always be the best decision for you. Buying a few pieces of equipment for your home to complement your regular routine might be a better compromise. 

A Healthier You

In order to set your budget, you need to think about what it is you actually want. Are you training for a marathon, are you just looking to get fit or are you interested in serious weight loss

If you’re training for a marathon it fits that you should want a really powerful treadmill. the Precor TRM 243 treadmill is a good option. However, it can set you back over $2,000 and can go as fast as 12 MPH. 

If you’re wanting shed some pounds then there is no point spending this kind of money when an entry-level machine will suit you fine. A good choice is the Merax 1100 Folding Electric Treadmill that has 12 pre-set workouts and a 16×48 inch track for running, more than enough space for most people. 

Best Place to Buy Exercise Equipment – Cheaper Options

A basic treadmill is going to set you back around $300-$500 whilst a more advanced one can cost in excess of $1,000. Something for simple stretches like a fitness crunch is only $25-$30.

How much space you have in your home will also influence this decision. Not everybody has such a large house with a spare room to accommodate a full gym. For most people, it’s a small space at the back of the garage or next to the laundry room.

Another option to consider is buying used gym equipment. This can work out cheaper and often the equipment is just as good as brand new. 

When is the best time to buy exercise equipment? Everybody loves a good sale so it might pay dividends to wait until the post-Christmas sales.

January is also the best month to make your purchase because companies reduce their prices to encourage people who have made New Year’s resolutions to keep up their promises to lose weight.  

Make sure you read our advice on making sure you that your fitness regime is not a January fad

Buying Online

Amazon is probably the best place to get a good deal on dumbbells and weights, with every budget and strength accounted for. When it comes to purchasing rowing machines, treadmills or cycle machines the internet might not always be your best bet. 

That’s because you might want to test out the bigger equipment to see how it works with you and how it fits into your house before you buy it.

One solution to this is to find the equipment you like on Amazon and then see if you can find a shop nearby that sells the same model. Get a feel in the shop before completing your purchase on Amazon. 

All-In-One Gyms

Another option might be to think about purchasing an all-in-one gym. This will save space and mean you can do over 60 different exercises on one machine. 

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym goes for around $697 and has 210 pounds of power rod resistance and it includes a lat bar and a squat bar. Also included are exercise instructions for how to make the most out of your home-gym and hand grip/ankle cuffs.  

Expert Advice

Another route to think about is to ask an expert or visit exercise equipment stores. Most reputable gyms have personal trainers and perhaps you even have one yourself. They know what equipment is right for what customer and can advise you. It’s worth having a chat with one if you can. 

If you’re planning on spending serious cash then many stores specialize in selling fitness equipment and they can have their own dealers who can help you.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Equipment are both stores to try. Dick’s have stores all over the country and they also offer free shipping on orders over $49.

Time For a New You

A gym does not have to be a space where people go to show off about their latest gains. Gyms should be a space for everyone to achieve their very best, lose some weight and get fit.

For some people, this is achieved in a social environment with air-conditioning and motivational quotes on the walls for others it is achieved in a space where they feel comfortable, at home with their own equipment and away from other people. Finding the best place to buy exercise equipment is therefore vitally important. 

Whatever way you exercise and for whatever reasons, we can help you make 2019 the year of you, the year when you can achieve your personal goals and can start to feel better about yourself.

Be sure to contact us to share your stories of fitness success and we might be able to feature them on the blog.  

How to Lose Body Fat Through Proper Diet Planning


Is your gym workout really helping you lose weight? Are you shedding muscle instead of fat? How can you get rid of stubborn fat for good?

Every year, Americans spend more than $60 billion on diet and exercise products. And every year, we make the same New Year’s resolutions: lose that extra 20 pounds we’re carrying around. 

If you’re wondering how to lose body fat, this article’s for you. We’ll walk you through the top diet and exercise tips for fat loss. We’ll also help you get started with a home exercise program.  

Weight Loss 101: Hydration

Any discussion of weight loss tips has to start with hydration. If you’re dehydrated from exercise or not getting enough water throughout the day, your body will start to go a little haywire. 

You might start to feel too cold or too hot. You may also have a rapid heartbeat, dry skin, and dry mouth, or even a seizure in extreme cases. 

The reason that you need to hydrate during exercise is that your body is doing several things at once. It’s controlling your heart rate, sweating out toxins, and regulating your blood pressure. 

Without enough water, you may feel that you’re working out past a comfortable point. If you’re losing more than two pounds per week, you may be dehydrating yourself and losing water weight instead of fat. 

You don’t have to invest in expensive energy drinks. Just take some water with you to the gym. You can add lemon, cucumber, or pieces of mint for extra refreshment and electrolytes.

How to Cut Carbs Safely

In addition to monitoring your hydration levels, you may need to change your diet a bit in order to burn more fat. If you’re eating a lot of white bread, pasta, and bakery items, you’re giving your body the wrong kind of carbs. 

Carbs are necessary to provide fuel for your body, of course, and we all know that brown rice should be a steady part of our diets. 

But what if you don’t like brown rice and whole wheat bread? The good news is that there are many types of whole grains and breads available. 

If you’re wondering how to lose fat quickly, you might want to start substituting barley, quinoa, or oatmeal for your rice.

A cup of rice has 45 g of carbohydrates, while a cup of quinoa only has 34 g. Oatmeal has an attractive 27 g per cup.

If you’re not big on grains, try eating riced cauliflower instead of regular rice. It tastes delicious and only has 5 g of carbs per cup!

If you’re doing the Keto diet, you should follow your personal trainer’s instructions about cutting carbs for a few weeks. Once you’re in ketosis, you can start slowly adding healthy carbs back into your diet. 

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

Some of the best foods for weight loss are actually fats, but healthy fats. The American diet is high in saturated fats. We can find them in most bread, fast food, and potato chips.

If you’re trying to burn off that last 15 pounds, you should cut out cake, cookies, and ice cream right away. Those are examples of fat-laden foods that will sabotage any diet. 

Examples of healthy fats would be avocados, lean meats, and wild-caught fish. Talk to your dietitian or nutritionist about incorporating good fats into your diet. 

If you’re doing Weight Watchers or NutriSystem, make sure that you’re following their meal plans to the letter.

NutriSystem does allow you to have five to six meals per day and to have one off-plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner per week. You can read reviews here about the NutriSystem plan.

Sample Menu for Weight Loss

If you’re just getting started with weight loss, focus on changing your eating habits one meal at a time. If you’re used to eating fast food for breakfast, start by taking one week to eat a simpler, healthier meal at home. 

Take the time to experiment with your diet to see what you enjoy eating. Getting started with losing fat could be as simple as eating oatmeal or cereal in the morning. 

If you use whole milk, you should know that it contains 8 g of fat per cup. That’s about 15% of your recommended daily fat allowance. If you drink two cups with your cereal, that’s one-third of your fat intake right there. 

Are There Alternatives to Milk?

There are a host of alternatives to milk, ranging from soy milk to almond milk, coconut milk to oatmeal milk. Visit the organic aisle in your supermarket or stop off at your local health food store one day after work.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the taste of milk alternatives. A cup of soy milk only has 4 g of fat per cup and comes in plain, chocolate, and vanilla.

If you take creamer in your coffee, try some coconut-based creamer. It has a smooth, creamy texture and only has 10 calories per serving.

After you’ve changed up your breakfast habits, start to re-consider what you have for lunch. If you feel like you’re losing energy during the day, opt for protein-rich nuts that are full of healthy fats.  

How to Lose Body Fat Exercising at Home 

If you’re wondering how to lose body fat quickly, the answer is always going to be diet and exercise. There are no easy answers for weight loss, and it’s important to make sure that you’re not losing muscle instead of fat. 

You may not be ready to go to a gym and exercise in front of other people, but you can start exercising at home. There is a wide range of options for home exercise including yoga, cardio fitness, and resistance band training

Using weights is something you might not want to do at home, though. If you’re going to lift weights, it’s best to have a personal trainer supervising. That way, you can be sure you’re lifting in a way that won’t hurt your back. 

We have a wide range of articles about healthy ways to diet and exercise. Best of luck as you start on your weight loss journey!

Staying Healthy and Hydrated: The Importance of Knowing How to Replenish Electrolytes on Keto


Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last couple of years, you have probably heard something about the ketogenic diet.

Approximately three percent of the population currently follows this diet — are you interested in following it, too?

If you’ve done any research on a ketogenic diet, chances are you’ve learned about the importance of staying hydrated. That means you can just drink lots of water, right? Not exactly.

In order to stay hydrated, you need to figure out how to replenish electrolytes.

Read on to learn more about doing this. You’ll also learn other tips that will help you stay healthy and happy while on a ketogenic diet.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Put simply, a ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, moderate protein, high-fat diet.

At first, it might seem counterintuitive to eat lots of fat. In reality, though, eating fat does not make you fat. Fat is not inherently unhealthy, either.

In fact, our bodies need fat to function properly. Without fat, our brains don’t function well, we cannot make hormones, and we cannot absorb other vitamins and minerals effectively.

How Does it Work?

When you restrict carbohydrates and eat higher fat, moderate protein diet, your body’s metabolism changes. Instead of running on glucose, which the body gets by breaking down carbohydrates into sugar, it runs on fat. 

Why would you want your body to run on fat? Research shows that your body runs more efficiently when it runs on fat compared to running on glucose. 

Most people also have an abundance of stored fat on their bodies that they can use for energy. Because of this, when your body runs on fat, you’re less likely to feel hungry or experience a blood sugar crash like you do when your body is running on glucose.

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

There are a lot of benefits that come with eating a ketogenic diet. Some of the greatest benefits of this diet include:

Appetite Reduction

When you eat fewer carbohydrates and get a higher percentage of your daily calories from protein and fat, you’ll likely experience a reduction in appetite. This is because fat digests more slowly than carbohydrates and helps you to feel fuller longer.

Faster Weight Loss

When you initially switch to a diet that is low in carbs and high in fat, you’ll lose a lot of weight very quickly.

It’s true that the bulk of this weight is water weight. When you lose a lot of weight in the beginning, though, you might feel motivated to keep going and stick to your diet.

Lower Triglyceride Levels

Triglycerides are fat molecules found in the blood. High triglyceride levels are linked to serious illnesses like heart disease. People who stick to a ketogenic diet tend to have lower triglyceride levels.

Better Blood Sugar

When you restrict carbohydrates, you experience fewer blood sugar spikes. This, in turn, can help you to manage your blood sugar and insulin levels. As a result, you can become more insulin sensitivity and even reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Treatment for Brain Disorders

Finally, ketogenic diets can also be used therapeutically to treat brain disorders like epilepsy. In fact, that is the reason why ketogenic diets were first developed. 

Staying Hydrated on a Ketogenic Diet

When your body shifts from running on glucose to running on fat, you may experience some unpleasant symptoms in the beginning.

For example, many people find that, when they first switch to a ketogenic diet, they experience dehydration and symptoms associated with it (headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, etc.).

This is because carbohydrates cause your body to retain water. When you restrict carbohydrates, your body gets rid of excess water. 

When your body is getting rid of excess water, you need to make sure you’re replenishing electrolytes, too. You can’t just drink a lot of plain water. 

Your body needs electrolytes (especially sodium, potassium, and magnesium) so that the cells can absorb water. Electrolytes also balance the acidity of the blood, regulate the function of nerves and muscles, and help rebuild damaged tissues.

How to Replenish Electrolytes on a Ketogenic Diet

Be sure to keep these tips in mind to replenish your electrolytes when you’re following a ketogenic diet:

  • Add extra salt to your food to ensure you’re getting plenty of sodium
  • Drink bone broth for extra sodium
  • Eat avocados to increase your potassium levels
  • Drink mineral water to get extra magnesium
  • Add fresh lemon juice to your water to increase potassium

You can also take an electrolyte supplement.

There are lots of different electrolyte supplements on the market that will help you balance out your electrolytes. Just be sure to steer clear of sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Read the labels and make sure no sugar is added before you drink up.

Staying Healthy on a Ketogenic Diet

Keeping your electrolytes balanced is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy while you’re on a ketogenic diet.

There are a few other steps you can take to stay healthy, though, including the following:

  • Focus more on cutting carbs rather than adding fat — it’s the carb restriction that gets you into ketosis, not adding tons of fat to your food
  • Focus on eating whole, nutrient-dense foods and avoid lots of packaged, processed snacks, even those that are “keto friendly”
  • Try using fasting to help you get into ketosis faster
  • Eat sufficient amounts of protein to help with your satiety levels

Be sure to get plenty of sleep while you’re transitioning to a ketogenic diet, too. This will help you overcome unpleasant symptoms and feel your best.

Want to Learn More About a Ketogenic Diet?

It can be a bit overwhelming at first trying to figure out how to replenish electrolytes on a ketogenic diet.

Once you do a little research, though, the process becomes a lot easier.

Keep these tips in mind for staying hydrated (and generally healthy) and you’ll have no trouble following a ketogenic diet. Do you want to learn more about the keto diet? If so, we’ve got lots of articles to help you.

Start by checking out this article to learn about healthy keto diet foods to eat on a daily basis.

Slim Down for the Summer: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Weight Loss Pills


As nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, there are more ways than ever to lose that weight. Many people make a plan to slim down by summer with the help of prescription weight loss pills or over the counter solutions. However, if you’re not prepared for how your body could react, you need to take learn a little about how they could help or hinder your weight loss goals.

Here are five things you might not know about weight loss pills.

1. Are You Trying To Block Fat or Eat Less?

There are a few different ways that weight loss pills work. While some are built to help you block fat or keep from putting it on while you’re eating a normal diet, others keep you from eating. With the help of these drugs, your appetite is curbed and you’re less inclined to eat as much as you normally do.

If you’re eating a normal diet and you can’t seem to keep the pounds from packing on, then you need some help blocking fat from piling up. However, be aware that the pills that block fat could end up offering you some unexpected gastrointestinal results. Over the counter medication could end up making it hard for you to function normally or result in incontinence.

Medication to help suppress your appetite tells your brain that you’re full faster. These medications have their own interaction issues, so make sure it doesn’t interact with your current medication before you take it. However, if there are no foreseeable problems, this type of medication ensures that you don’t fall into a habit of overeating.

2. Not Always Covered By Insurance

If you’re hoping that your insurance company is going to cover your weight loss medication, think twice about that. Check with your insurance company to see what sorts of restrictions they have when it comes to this medication. You might be pleasantly surprised or be eligible for surgeries or procedures instead of medication or pills.

Insurers often list information about what type of medication they cover. Weight loss medication that’s prescription-based is going to have a higher chance of being covered than medication that’s sold over the counter. However, you might find it easier to find over-the-counter medication at a lower price than prescription pills.

If your plan doesn’t cover the full costs, you could potentially submit your receipts for reimbursement. There are discounts available to take down some of the costs that people trying to lose weight incur when paying for medication. Since you could be spending a few hundred dollars a month on these pills, do some research to see how you could lower your fees.

3. Beware When Pregnant

While it’s normal and healthy to put on weight when you’re pregnant, some people who are overweight at the beginning of their pregnancy are told to lose weight. It’s sometimes dangerous to hold onto too much weight while pregnant. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible to decide whether or not this is worth your time and your health.

While you’re taking certain medications, it’s important to take contraception because of the dangers and risks connected to pregnancy while taking medication. Before you take these pills, take a pregnancy test just to be safe if that’s a possibility for you.

If you’re already pregnant, avoid taking this medication, you might have to rely on diet and exercise instead of medication to ensure that you’re able to stay safe. You want to have a healthy pregnancy no matter what your weight is.

4. Don’t Expect Miracles

While some people have unreasonable expectations when it comes to weight loss medication, the truth is that there are standard results. Most of the medication that you take can offer you a few pounds or a certain percentage of loss. Ask your doctor if they have access to this information before you take any new medication.

You’ll find that most medication offers anywhere between 5% to a 9% loss in body fat. This isn’t consistent for everyone and is going to have to do with how much you exercise and how old you are. It’s much harder to lose weight as you get older.

While losing 5% of your body fat is a reasonable and achievable goal for most people, some people need to lose more to get truly healthy. If you’re taking medication without making any major changes to how you live, the changes are going to be temporary and unsustainable. Medication helps to begin the process of weight loss to jumpstart you on a path to better health but you should use that medicated loss to start living better.

Losing more 10% of your body weight has a lot of potential health benefits like lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol. However, if you’re unable to keep the weight off, taking a pill might not be the right move for you.

Every decision you make about your weight must be accompanied by a conversation with your doctor. Medication is meant to by a supplement to a plan to get healthy, not a replacement.

5. Expect Side Effects

No matter what medication you’re taking, no two bodies are the same. Everyone has a different interaction when it comes to dealing with any disease or medical issue. When you take medication, expect side effects.

Your doctor should be able to warn you of the most common side effects and to help you to mitigate them with other treatments or tactics.

For a review of a common medication people are taking now, click here.

Prescription Weight Loss Pills Offer Help

The purpose of prescription weight loss pills are to help you to lose weight, but they’re not a permanent solution. They work temporarily to help you to get some weight off but you need to work hard to keep it off.

If you find yourself losing weight a little too fast, check out our guide to know what that means.

Kick Ass and Take Names: Why You Should Pick Up Martial Arts for Weight Loss


Half of the time, the reason that we don’t want to take steps to lose weight is the fact that working out is such a chore. Sure, it gets better as you do it more, and people end up generally enjoying the various pieces of working out at a gym.

That said, it’s hard to get over the hump and start to really get excited about working out. That’s why it can be beneficial to find alternative forms of working out that you might actually enjoy. Martial arts is one such form of exercise. 

We’re going to lay out a few reasons why using martial arts for weight loss could be an excellent option for you.

Martial Arts for Weight Loss

We’ll go into a little bit about how martial arts will help you lose weight in addition to going over the other benefits of taking on martial arts as a practice. Things like discipline, self-defense, confidence, and concentration are all things that come along with a determined practice in martial arts. 

Many schools, like this martial arts school, offer a variety of classes, too. That means that there’s something for everyone out there, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

You’ll Lose Weight and More

The physical aspect of martial arts is certainly demanding. That said, you ease into the practice at a pace that suits where your body is at. 

Repetition of techniques will allow you to slowly tone your muscles and lose weight, eventually getting you to a place where those movements are second nature. At the same time, that repetition is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Cardio is one of the essential workout elements that contribute to weight loss. 

There are a lot of pieces to martial arts that entail cardio exercise, but, in general, the repetition of specific movements is something that will raise one’s heart rate. As you start to learn weight and gain some muscle tone, your exercise will result in stamina which allows you to develop your skills further. 


Any form of martial arts is going to leave you with the skills needed to defend yourself. While threats will vary in their nature and skill level, it holds that a sound training in martial arts will allow you to be confident in your ability to defend attackers.

With adequate training, you’ll be able to readily disarm and control those who would try to attack you or pose a threat. Not only that, put your skills will probably end up humiliating them. 

Most people aren’t trained in anticipating and responding to physical movements of an opponent, and martial arts has broken that practice down to a science. 


Let’s be honest, it feels good to look good. As you begin to lose weight and develop muscle tone, you’re going to experience a boost of confidence that can only come from hard work and success. 

You can be sure that all of the work you put in will come out on the other end with a fitter body and a healthier life. Further, you’re going to gain confidence from the simple fact that you’re developing a skill and working at it. 

The level of discipline that martial arts instill in students is extremely high. That discipline is meant to move outward into other areas of your life as well. As you move forward in martial arts, you’ll find that your progress spreads out into your habits, relationships, and work ethic. 

Another area of confidence will develop from your ability to defend yourself. You won’t be intimidated by others in the same way you may have been before. This is especially true if you’re experiencing any form of bullying at school or work. 

Not that you should flex your skills at work or school, but you can know that, if approached, you have the ability to readily and easily defend any attack from someone who relies on size or strength alone. 

Whoever You Are, You Can Do It

Another great aspect of martial arts is that you can come at it from literally any skill level or age. You don’t have to be in any particular shape, and instructors are going to be understanding and patient with you as you start to get into the swing of things. 

Martial arts, in general, aim to make general advancements with the individual. This means that it isn’t about one specific motion or technique, it’s about principles and becoming an improved person. 

The most important elements are generally to develop your mental discipline and come to a more calm state of mind as a result of the training you’ll receive. Confidence and self-esteem are also integral parts of that process, and you’ll develop those as well. 

It’s hard to think of another activity that promotes that kind of self-development and growth on top of offering physical fitness and weight loss. On top of that, you’ll be confident in your ability to defend yourself and the people around you if there’s any reason to do so. 

These things might all be difficult to imagine if you’re at a low stage in life at the moment. When we’re down, it can seem like we’re never good enough to make the kind of improvements we need to. 

It’s alright if you feel that way, but know that there are people out there who will help you work up to the point you need to be. Martial arts has been used and refined for centuries, and many people who enter into it don’t have the confidence or skills that they wish they did. 

As long as you stick with the practice and continue to put the effort in, you will see results come back to you. 

Looking for Other Ways to Lose Weight?

Using martial arts for weight loss is certainly a commitment. Maybe you’re looking for some other options to improve your health and change the way you look. 

If you’re interested in learning more about weight loss, visit our site for the information you need.