About Us

Our Approach

LoseWeight.io is dedicated to the study of the science of weight loss. We aim to add as much relevant and cutting-edge scientific weight loss information to the public record as humanly possible. Unlike other weight loss websites, we don’t engage in promoting ineffective weight loss scams or supplements. Instead we focus on bringing our readers time tested techniques to assist them in achieving their weight loss goals quickly and safely.

Our Story

The science of weight loss on the web is a complicated topic where, if one would want or need to find quality information, they would need to do some serious digging. While there are a myriad of products and services all around the internet, there are also more scams and misinformation than quality sources of information. Furthermore, most of the quality sources of fitness and weight loss information are found in peer-reviewed journals, which can be dense and difficult to understand. LoseWeight.io was designed to bring the highest quality information to as many people as possible in a form that is simple, actionable, and easy to comprehend.