Set Your Speed: The Best Place to Buy Exercise Equipment

You know that feeling you get when you’re at the gym? You look around and feel suddenly self-conscious. Everybody is super-fit and sweating it out and you’ve been snacking one on two many big-macs, of late.

But an estimated 160 million Americans are overweight. You don’t want to become part of that statistic, so what can you do?

You could exercise from the comfort of your own home. But in order to make that dream a reality, you need to get some exercise equipment of your own. So where is the best place to buy exercise equipment?

Set Your Budget

Before you begin to think about where to buy the equipment you need to think about what your budget is and what you are hoping to achieve.

Are you planning on doing mainly cardio? Do you want just a few items of equipment to exercise at home every now and then? Or are you looking to kit out a full home-gym to replace your fancy gym membership all-together?

As The Washington Post reports there are many good reasons why you might want to consider ditching your gym membership. One of the biggest reasons is that is counter-productive. It might actually be a waste of money if you’re not motivated or prepared to actually leave the house to use. Gyms benefit from customers who don’t turn up. 

Having said that, bear in mind many gym memberships come with other perks such as a swimming pool, classes, and massages. Replacing your gym membership outright might not always be the best decision for you. Buying a few pieces of equipment for your home to complement your regular routine might be a better compromise. 

A Healthier You

In order to set your budget, you need to think about what it is you actually want. Are you training for a marathon, are you just looking to get fit or are you interested in serious weight loss

If you’re training for a marathon it fits that you should want a really powerful treadmill. the Precor TRM 243 treadmill is a good option. However, it can set you back over $2,000 and can go as fast as 12 MPH. 

If you’re wanting shed some pounds then there is no point spending this kind of money when an entry-level machine will suit you fine. A good choice is the Merax 1100 Folding Electric Treadmill that has 12 pre-set workouts and a 16×48 inch track for running, more than enough space for most people. 

Best Place to Buy Exercise Equipment – Cheaper Options

A basic treadmill is going to set you back around $300-$500 whilst a more advanced one can cost in excess of $1,000. Something for simple stretches like a fitness crunch is only $25-$30.

How much space you have in your home will also influence this decision. Not everybody has such a large house with a spare room to accommodate a full gym. For most people, it’s a small space at the back of the garage or next to the laundry room.

Another option to consider is buying used gym equipment. This can work out cheaper and often the equipment is just as good as brand new. 

When is the best time to buy exercise equipment? Everybody loves a good sale so it might pay dividends to wait until the post-Christmas sales.

January is also the best month to make your purchase because companies reduce their prices to encourage people who have made New Year’s resolutions to keep up their promises to lose weight.  

Make sure you read our advice on making sure you that your fitness regime is not a January fad

Buying Online

Amazon is probably the best place to get a good deal on dumbbells and weights, with every budget and strength accounted for. When it comes to purchasing rowing machines, treadmills or cycle machines the internet might not always be your best bet. 

That’s because you might want to test out the bigger equipment to see how it works with you and how it fits into your house before you buy it.

One solution to this is to find the equipment you like on Amazon and then see if you can find a shop nearby that sells the same model. Get a feel in the shop before completing your purchase on Amazon. 

All-In-One Gyms

Another option might be to think about purchasing an all-in-one gym. This will save space and mean you can do over 60 different exercises on one machine. 

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym goes for around $697 and has 210 pounds of power rod resistance and it includes a lat bar and a squat bar. Also included are exercise instructions for how to make the most out of your home-gym and hand grip/ankle cuffs.  

Expert Advice

Another route to think about is to ask an expert or visit exercise equipment stores. Most reputable gyms have personal trainers and perhaps you even have one yourself. They know what equipment is right for what customer and can advise you. It’s worth having a chat with one if you can. 

If you’re planning on spending serious cash then many stores specialize in selling fitness equipment and they can have their own dealers who can help you.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Equipment are both stores to try. Dick’s have stores all over the country and they also offer free shipping on orders over $49.

Time For a New You

A gym does not have to be a space where people go to show off about their latest gains. Gyms should be a space for everyone to achieve their very best, lose some weight and get fit.

For some people, this is achieved in a social environment with air-conditioning and motivational quotes on the walls for others it is achieved in a space where they feel comfortable, at home with their own equipment and away from other people. Finding the best place to buy exercise equipment is therefore vitally important. 

Whatever way you exercise and for whatever reasons, we can help you make 2019 the year of you, the year when you can achieve your personal goals and can start to feel better about yourself.

Be sure to contact us to share your stories of fitness success and we might be able to feature them on the blog.  

Set Your Speed: The Best Place to Buy Exercise Equipment
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