Falafel It Up: 8 Tasty and Easy Vegan Falafel Recipes to Try

Love falafel, but don’t know how to make it healthy? ‘Falafel’ things up a bit with these 8 tasty and easy vegan falafel recipes you just have to try.

Did you know that ancient Egyptians invented falafel over a thousand years ago?

There’s a good reason why this dish has withstood the test of time. Not only is it insanely delicious, but it’s popular among vegetarians, vegans, and others who want to limit their consumption of meat.

If you want to learn how to make your veggies taste great, here are 8 easy vegan falafel recipes you need to try.

1. Authentic Falafel Recipe

If you want to learn how to make falafel, you have to start with the basics. Once you’ve mastered the art of falafel, you can experiment with your tried and true recipe.

The great thing about falafel is that you can add in any vegetables to make the falafel fun colors and reap additional health benefits. Authentic falafels get their rich green color from fresh herbs.

This recipe provides a step-by-step process on how to make a perfect falafel every time. The good news is that this recipe makes a big batch. Freezing your falafel then cooking as needed is a great way to make meal prep easy.

The healthiest way to cook falafels is to bake them. They’ll have a chewier, softer texture. If you want to indulge a little without going as extreme as deep frying, pan frying with a tablespoon of oil can help crisp your falafel.

You can eat your authentic falafel plain or drizzle some tahini on top.

2. Easy Vegan Falafel Wraps

If you want an easy falafel recipe, then it can’t get much better than buying a falafel mix. This mix is a top pick because it’s dry, which means you can tuck it into your pantry and save valuable freezer space. It’s also made with simple, real ingredients that produce perfect falafel every single time.

A popular way to eat falafel is to stick them into a pita with yummy fillings. Whole wheat pitas pack an extra dose of fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer.

Experiment with different flavor profiles. Chopped lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers add bulk and nutrients to your wrap. A drizzle of your favorite vegan salad dressing can tie all the ingredients together.

3. Falafel Recipes to Fuel Your Workouts: Rice Bowls

If you want to try falafel for the health benefits, then pairing this protein-packed powerhouse with some slow burning carbs can get you through the most grueling fat-burning workouts.

You can use the authentic falafel recipe or experiment with adding more vegetables like beets or carrots for fun, vibrant colors.

Next, build your own rice bowl with your favorite ingredients. The base should be brown rice instead of white to reap the most benefits. If you’re not a rice lover, couscous, quinoa, and farro are other healthy grain options.

Chopped onion, tomato, olives, carrots, salad greens, black beans, and corn are all great additions to your bowl. Baked pita chips are also a fun edible utensil.

4. Homemade Falafel Pizza

Pizza can be made healthy? When you skip the dairy loaded with saturated fats, vegan pizzas are nothing to feel ashamed about eating!

Harissa tomato sauce and roasted bell peppers make this falafel pizza recipe insanely delicious. Even if you’re not vegan, you won’t miss the cheese here.

If you really want to make things interesting in the kitchen, some chefs have experimented with making pizza crust out of falafel. All you have to do is form your falafel mix into a thin crust and bake it until it’s firm. Imagine all the creative toppings you could put on that pie!

5. Hearty Buffalo Falafel Burger

A common misconception is that vegans only eat rabbit food. If you went vegan for health purposes, you may miss meaty classics like burgers and other sandwiches.

If you know how to be clever with your ingredients, you can transform any plants into a hearty, savory dish.

This buffalo falafel recipe that also includes a tangy tzatziki ranch will blow your mind. Once you prepare the mix, form the falafel into patties and bake them until they’re firm.

Build your dream sandwich with all the toppings your heart desires. The best thing about falafel is that you can form the mix into any shape. A falafel burger will taste just as rich as beef, but you won’t feel bogged down after eating it.

6. Falafel Meatless Loaf

If you need more proof that vegans are magicians, you have to try this meatless falafel loaf.

This recipe takes the healthy components of falafel like chickpeas, garlic, onion, and spices and combines it with hearty flavors found in typical meatloaf recipes.

Pair a thick slice of this healthy loaf with some mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower for a classic Sunday dinner that won’t sabotage your fitness goals.

7. Falafel Curry

Who knew that a Middle Eastern and Indian pairing could taste so delicious?

This recipe teaches you how to make the ultimate comfort dish you can enjoy any time without the guilt.

You can throw any other classic curry vegetables into the sauce like potatoes or peas to diversify the flavor profile. Serve this filling curry over some brown rice for a well-rounded meal full of protein, carbs, healthy fats, and fiber.

8. Best Falafel Recipe for Adventurous Tastebuds: Sushi

Traditional chefs may raise their eyebrows at the thought of falafel sushi, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

All you need to do is prepare a falafel mix and form it into a thin log. Bake or pan-fry to your desired texture.

Next, lay your nori sheet on a rolling mat and smooth sushi rice on top. Take your falafel log and lay it on top of the rice. Add any other vegetables you like such as chopped carrots or tomatoes.

You can use this guide to roll perfect sushi every time.

Want More Health Tips?

Now that you know how to make easy vegan falafel recipes, you can give your body the proper fuel it craves.

If you want all the best workout and healthy lifestyle tips, Lose Weight has everything you need to stay motivated. For more recipes and diet tips, be sure to check out our blog.

Falafel It Up: 8 Tasty and Easy Vegan Falafel Recipes to Try
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