Fit for Life: How to Stay Fit at the End of Your Weight Loss Journey

Months, possibly years, have gone into refining your lifestyle habits. You spent thousands of dollars and hours in endless dieting trial and error. 

The image in the mirror is finally the one you’ve wanted.

The convictions for weight loss are powerful motivators at the start. Yet, these motivators shrink as temptation and old lifestyle choices creep back in. Learning how and what motivates you to stay fit is equally challenging as weight loss. 

In this article, you’ll get strategies for staying fit after reaching your goal weight. The strategies cover both the physical and willpower demands. Follow each strategy and you’ll stop the cycle of weight rebound.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy: Realistic Strategies for Weight Maintenance

Some 49% of Americans claim they’re on a weight loss journey. Of these, very few will reach their goals and fewer will keep the pounds off. Bleak? Yes, but weight loss and staying fit aren’t impossible if you know the right strategies.

1. Stop Dieting, Start Lifestyle Changing

Those who lose weight and keep it off aren’t on an endless diet. Instead, they’ve made healthy lifestyle changes to their eating and activity habits.

Instead of counting calories or going back to a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Choose healthy, nutritious meals
  • Find ways to be active, everyday

Make the transition from weight loss to maintenance by setting new goals. Pay attention to food intake but make healthy lifestyle choices a non-thought. 

2. Keep Things in Check

You’ve reached your goals, congratulations! Now’s not the time to ease up and get too comfortable with your new weight! The weight will creep back on as you reflect your new body image—letting ego get the best of you!

How to create a healthy weight routine:

  • Weigh yourself once a week
  • Track changes and adjust accordingly

Tracking forces you to pay attention to your daily and weekly habits. You’ll identify when you slip and overindulge so you may correct your actions. Or, figure out what’s demotivating and preventing a healthy lifestyle.

3. Try New (Active) Things

Did your weight prevent you from doing something you’ve always wanted? If so, now’s the time to explore those wonderful things now that you have the mobility!

Replace sedentary activities with healthy activities:

  • Sports
  • Traveling
  • Walking
  • Competitions
  • Volunteering

…and really anything that gets you up and moving.

Can’t get out and about? Make going to the gym or at-home exercise routines a part of your weekly routine. Build off the energy gained from being healthy to create an active lifestyle you’ll love!

One more tip: Do a variety of activities so you’re never bored and tempted to return to old ways.

4. Get Good, Regular Sleep

A full night’s sleep is the foundation of healthy weight maintenance. A tired body is a cranky mind, a cranky mind leads to stress eating! And, if that isn’t enough of a reason, studies even show better sleep leads to more weight loss.

How can you get good sleep and stay fit for life?

  • Invest in a quality mattress, pillow, and comforter
  • Don’t stay glued to your phone when you’re laying down
  • Set a sleep schedule and stick to it

You’ll wake refreshed and ready to take on the day. The high energy will have you making good food choices. Plus, you’re happier and open to fun opportunities that support your lifestyle change.

5. Remove the Temptations…

Remove tempting foods and activities you enjoyed from your prior lifestyle. Replace these temptations with healthier alternatives. This is easier said than done, but it’s doable as your willpower grows. 

Examples of swapping temptations include:

  • Water, teas, and coffee instead of sugary drinks
  • Fruits and natural sweeteners instead of processed junk
  • Outings and exploration instead of gaming and lounging

Before long, you’ll wholly enjoy these new activities as they sync with your lifestyle. You’ll worry less about tracking everything as you know they’re good from the get-go!

6. …But Treat Yourself (Sometimes)

Do indulge in moderation else you may go overboard! You tend to appreciate things more when they’re not always available.

Treat yourself this way:

  • Set healthy living goals posing a challenge
  • Offer great rewards to reinforce the commitment

In a way, you’re training yourself to respond to positive stimuli. The goals and rewards are the foundation for building great habits.

7. Fix What Ails You

Rebound weight gain often happens because of a drastic lifestyle change. This can happen from an injury or mental breakdown. Your willpower dwindles when vices, depression, and frustration take over.

Do your research into what may help:

  • Learn more about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor
  • Ask and explore suggestions about therapy services
  • Seek physical support groups online or in your area

You’re not alone as many have faced and overcame similar challenges. With better physical and mental health, you’ll gain the willpower to recommit!

8. Greens, Greens, and More Greens

Simplify eating habits by eating greens before any large meal. Load up your plate with vegetables, chow down, and then go to the main course. You’ll hit nutritional macros while avoiding overindulgence.

9. Find Outlets for Your Stress

Physical activity is a great coping mechanism to manage stress. Mindfulness and working on yourself can relieve stress, too. By doing so, returning to old habits or stress eating are a less likely scenario.

Try these stress relieving, physical activities:

  • Yoga, meditation, or martial arts
  • Bedroom fun with your partner
  • Walking, hiking, or exploring
  • Sports and active hobbies

Good sleep, food, and social interaction will ease stress. It’s not a coincident these three are present on this list to help stay fit!

10. Forgive and Forget

You’ll slip up and go on binges that disrupt your weight maintenance. To stay fit, you need to forgive yourself when these events happen. Then, move on and readjust to your new lifestyle changes.

Be the Outlier in the Weight Loss Journey

There are factors clawing at your ability to stay fit from genetics to relationships. Most will regain weight within years after reaching weight goals. 

The common link between all the weight maintenance challenges is willpower.

Find and use the strategy best suited for your lifestyle and conviction. Join with others offering support and motivation. Apply everything you can to maintain the healthy lifestyle you worked so hard to achieve.

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Fit for Life: How to Stay Fit at the End of Your Weight Loss Journey
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