7 Health Benefits Going to a Chiropractor May Offer You

If you’ve been looking for a reason to visit a chiropractor, look no further! Here are 7 health benefits that going to a chiropractor may offer you today!

What comes to mind when you hear the word chiropractor?

Do you picture lying on a table getting stuck with hundreds of needles– wait a minute, that’s acupuncture.

Ah, that’s right. Chiropractors are the quacks that pull your arms and twist your neck around until things that should never move start to pop.

While most people misunderstand chiropractic medicine, going to a chiropractor has many benefits. The best part is, all these benefits start happening at once as soon as you finish your first session. That’s the beauty of addressing your central nervous system.

To learn more about the frankly underrated benefits of chiropractic adjustment, keep reading.

1. Pain Relief

A sedentary lifestyle often leads to bad posture and pinched nerves in the spine.

Visiting a chiropractor is a great way to free those pinched nerves. If you suffer from frequent neck and lower back pain, you may be able to get your health insurance to cover chiropractic realignment.

A curved spine creates overworked muscles in specific areas. Along with pinched nerves, unbalanced muscle usage is usually the cause of persistent pain. Sessions with a chiropractor help your spine and neck hold the weight of your body better.

By giving any overworked muscles a break with proper spine alignment, you’ll feel less tension and pain in your shoulders, neck, and lower back.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

According to a placebo-controlled study, chiropractic work at the base of the neck lowers blood pressure.

In fact, chiropractic adjustment of the C-1 vertebrae drops blood pressure more than taking medication. And the effects last as long as six months after treatment.

It sounds too good to be true until you learn how important blood flow through the neck is. Another name for the C-1 vertebrae is the Atlas vertebrae because it supports your entire head like Atlas holding up the earth. If this Atlas vertebra moves even half a millimeter, it dramatically changes your blood pressure.

Why take a slew of blood pressure medications to get the same benefits of a chiropractic adjustment?

3. Posture and Spine Alignment

Good posture, or a neutral spine, solves more health complaints than most of us realize.

These are just a few of the benefits of maintaining good posture:

  • fewer headaches
  • increased energy levels
  • reduced muscle tension
  • reduced wear on joints
  • more core strength
  • more lung capacity
  • healthier jaw joint and teeth
  • better blood flow
  • better digestion

Herein lies the foundational belief of chiropractic medicine: the health of your spine affects your entire body. When a chiropractor realigns your vertebrae, they help fix bad posture habits.

Think of your spine as the central highway all the rest of your blood, muscles, and nerves rely on. If there are bottlenecks and pinched areas anywhere on your spine, the rest of your body notices. Getting your spine back into a healthy, neutral position is the main goal of chiropractic care.

4. Boost Immune System

Better blood flow and reduced stress from proper spine alignment help your immune system.

True, chiropractic massage gets a lot of flack for being different than traditional medicine. But the fact is, a healthy spine creates healthier joints, nerves, and muscles. This frees up your immune system to fight off bad germs and other bigger problems.

5. Stress Relief

Chiropractic sessions address issues like poor sleep and shallow breathing that increase stress.

When we’re in physical pain and stressed out, we reach for things like sugary food. We reach for fast fixes to our low energy levels, like caffeine. Proper spine alignment can give our bodies the tools to properly respond to stress without quick fixes.

Smith Chiropractic says stress relief is one of the main reasons why clients go to a chiropractor. Besides all the other benefits mentioned so far, addressing an unbalanced spine reduces stress. You don’t have to keep masking your muscle pain or taking strong medications to help you sleep.

6. Improve Digestion

The nerves and blood vessels that control your stomach connect directly to your spine.

Making sure your spine is set in a neutral position increases blood flow to your gut. Poor blood flow is the main culprit behind gut problems like constipation and slow metabolism.

Increasing blood flow to your gut is a great way to spike your metabolism and increase weight loss. Exercise is another great way to increase blood flow to your stomach. But proper spine alignment with chiropractic care can keep your metabolism higher while resting.

7. Improve Neurological Health

Your nervous system is how your body communicates with itself for everything it needs. And your nerves depend on your spine more than any other part of your body.

Severe problems with the nervous system are the root of ailments like:

  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Persistent migraines

Chiropractic doctors hope to address these problems by keeping your spine healthy and your nerves working well. They massage key vertebrae and muscles that interfere with your nerves communicating properly.

See What Going to a Chiropractor Can Do For You

True, chiropractic massage gets a lot of flack for being different than traditional medicine.

Many people ask, do chiropractic adjustments work?

With all the facts presented so far, it’d be hard to argue against chiropractic realignment. Going to a chiropractor is proven to relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, boost digestion, and reduce stress. It helps boost your immune system and keeps your nervous system healthy.

For more health information (including how to successfully diet for weight loss) check out more posts like this one on our blog.

7 Health Benefits Going to a Chiropractor May Offer You
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