Male Enhancement Pills: Do They Really Work?


Male Enhancement Pills Do They Work?

Male enhancement pills – do they really work? What does “male enhancement” really mean? Some male enhancement pills are designed to increase the size (length & girth) of the penis.

Others are designed to increase libido (sexual desire), improve energy & stamina, or give you an erection. So, whether it’s your penis size or your sex drive, or even your performance in the bedroom, there are male enhancement pills out there for you. You might hear the term “male enlargement” or “penis enlargement”, which is just a type of male enhancement.

They are not one and the same. Some are extremely effective, some are mildly effective, and some do nothing or are downright dangerous. There is little regulation in this area, so you’ve got to do a little homework before you start downing pills based on advertisers’ claims.

If you’ve got a spam folder, go to it right now and look inside. You’ll doubtless see at least one or two spam emails promoting male enhancement pills like hardknight pills at cvs, testomax, testo max for men, androzene, nexavar male enhancement, andro 400 at walgreens, extenze male enhancement, vydox side effects, or even cvs sex vitamins.

The fact that these spammers have been doing this for decades with great success is proof that a lot of men have deep insecurities about their sexual performance.

After all, it is a competition. Everyone else out there is competing, but it’s more than that. There is almost nothing as deeply personal as how you think you fare in the bedroom. It may seem like a joke to someone reading this guide, but think about it for a second. Isn’t sex the prime motivator in life? Isn’t it somehow related to everything we do?

Well, sex or love.

You see my point. And, there is nothing more central to a man’s identity than his penis. That is debatable, but most men will agree with me on that statement. There are other metrics of masculinity, but sexual prowess & performance is probably the primary one.

But, do any of these male enhancement pills actually work? Yes, some of them do. And, the money you spend on a product works is nothing compared to the boost in self-confidence you’ll get. Forget enhanced sexual performance.

Getting a bigger penis or performing a lot better in the bedroom will give you a deep feeling of confidence like you’ve never had – especially if you’ve been suffering from sexual insecurity your whole life. And, that is priceless.

Types of Male Enhancement Products

Male enhancement products fall into about four categories. Let’s go over them quickly so you’ll have a better idea of what your options are. Pills are still probably the easiest method. Here are a handful of the most widely advertised products & techniques:

Male Enhancement Pills & Supplements – These often contain herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, or hormones that companies claim will enlarge the penis, improve libido, or increase sexual stamina & energy. Sometimes, they do all three. It’s important to be very careful in finding only male enhancement products that work, because there is little regulation.

Always check with your doctor before taking natural male enhancement herbs because the ingredients can be quite powerful. Even then, you never know if the manufacturer included extra ingredients that are not listed on the label. Again, there is little regulation in the nutritional supplement market so read as many male enhancement reviews as you can.

Vacuum Pumps – A lot of us have seen Austin Powers, and we all remember the penis pump airport scene. It was a comedy bit that went down in history. They are very real, though. A pump will draw blood down to the penis, causing it to swell up, and it can be used to treat E.D. A vacuum pump might make a penis look a little bigger for a short time, but extended use can hurt the penis.

Exercises & Programs – There are countless eBooks for sale out there that advertise a proven exercise program to lengthen and widen the penis for enhancing male performance. You might have come across the term “jelqing” in your research. Jelqing exercises use a hand motion to move blood from the base of the penis down to the head. Even thought it appears safe, it can cause scar formation and penis pain.

Stretching – Who wants to do this? Yikes! The thought of attaching something to your penis and letting it hang there is scary, but some people do it. Stretching involves putting a stretching or extender on the penis to exert traction. A couple of studies have shown a modest increase in length of almost an inch. Though, much more research is required to determine just how effective this method is.

So, as you can see, the option that requires the least effort on your part is popping male performance supplements. Everything else requires extended sessions every day that can take up your time and make you feel a little odd to be honest. Who wants to fiddle around with their penis for 30 minutes or more every day with a device, extender, stretcher, pump, or even a jelqing routine?

What Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Do?

Contrary to advertisers’ claims, many people will tell you that male enhancement pills WILL NOT make your penis longer or wider (at least permanently). What they will do is give you a bigger, harder, and stronger erection, a higher sex drive, and an increased sexual desire. Those are what help men do better in the bedroom. But, sadly, there’s probably not a miracle pill that will make your penis permanently bigger.

Try to think of it like coffee. When you’re down and sluggish, coffee will give you a much-needed boost that will make you more alert and motivated to work. The best male enhancement product is like coffee for your penis.

They make you desire sex more, increase blood flow to the genital region, and make your now bigger erections last longer. All that is reason enough to start on a male enhancement product. Most men don’t really believe a little pill can make their penis grow bigger permanently.

Do All Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Definitely not. Unscrupulous businessmen who want to cash in on the myth that a little pill can make your penis permanently bigger market a number of male enhancement products very heavily. Most men don’t believe that load of baloney, but some do. If a company’s claims speak to that, you can bet that the product probably won’t do much for you. If, however, you find a product with very clearly stated, potentially possible claims regarding enhancing male performance, investigate that one a little bit further.

A product with a marketing message that seems truthful is a good place to start. Some marketers will say anything to make a sale, like best male enhancement on the market, ed pills that work better than viagra, or best ed drug on the market today. here are a lot of shady businessmen out there willing to say and sell just about anything for a buck, including ed pills that work better than viagra or ed supplements that work in minutes. The truth is that there will be no permanent gains to the size of your penis, and if a company claims that, it’s a scam.

Are the Ingredients Safe?

Here is where you have to be careful. You should always check with your doctor before beginning a new supplement regime. Some ingredients may contraindicate your medications or take a toll on your heart.

Remember those news stories from several years back about the weight loss products that were triggering heart attacks? Since there’s so little regulation in the dietary supplement industry, and because a lot of these products are chock full of several different ingredients, it’s imperative you do your research on the company and product before starting on it.

Now, that being said… many of the ingredients found in male enhancement pills are naturally present in the foods you eat every day. Well, maybe not the foods you specifically eat (because many of these ingredients are only found in rare & exotic plants), but suffice to say they’re healthy & natural. Even the most synthetic-sounding ingredients – like Arginine and DHEA – are found in food.

Some of the most popular ingredients are herbs that men & women have been taking for centuries across a number of different cultures. Ginkgo Biloba, Tribulus, Epiderminum, etc. have been taken for millennia. But, the company may not be using the highest quality of a particular herbal extract. Be sure to do your research on the company and product. Your product could be contaminated with heavy metals or other contaminates.

Will Male Enhancement Pills Really Make You Bigger?

This is the question that all men want to know. We’ve already definitively answered it above – and the answer is “no”. Yet, there are a number of companies that make claims their pills can make your penis bigger. It is physically impossible to “grow” your penis. It’s not a plant.

The pill isn’t the nutrition, water, and sunlight. But, as far as the size of your erection, a pill can make it bigger. And, that is all some men want. They just want a little boost or modification to their package to make it do a little better. How does it work, though?

Well, a man’s erection size is based on the blood flow to the penis, not the size of his penis while it’s in a flaccid state. Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’m not a grower; I’m a shower”? So, what that means is that the more blood flow you get to your penis the harder and “bigger” your erection will get.

So, in answer to the question about size, you can increase the size of your penis temporarily. A bigger erection is possible, but not a permanent size increase. Now, a pill in combination with another method above can enhance the program, technique, or device you’re using.

Should You Be Embarrassed About Taking a Male Enhancement Product?

Certainly not. Most men drink alcohol and some work out and take nutritional supplements. The aim is to lower your inhibition or look better or feel better. It all helps indirectly with getting laid. So, why not just take a male enhancement pill for the most pointed part (pun intended) of that whole male-female dynamic?

It’s not as if you can’t have sex already, or aren’t big enough already, you’re just modifying what you do have. Everyone does that already in one way or another. You might’ve felt embarrassed about telling your friends you take male enhancement pills before, thinking they would think you’re a dummy for thinking that a pill could make you bigger.

But, you just need to let them know that it’s a real solution for a better sex life. Once you start on it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get started sooner. Just remember to look for the top male enhancement pills review.

What About the Price Difference Between Pills?

There are vast differences in prices between pills. Some marketers use a high price point to make their pills seem better, but that’s not a good indication it is better. There’s little difference between the pills that cost $10 a pop and the bottle that costs $30.

You can ascertain the difference based on the company’s credibility, the user reviews, and what goes into the product. The price point is a bad way to tell the difference in quality.

Is It Possible You’re Too Old to Get an Erection?

You can never be too old to get an erection. Some men father children in their 80s. Unlike women who have a biological clock, men are designed to procreate into old age. Just because it hasn’t worked well in awhile doesn’t mean it can’t work well now. Start on a male enhancement supplement program and see if it works for you. Just don’t buy your male enhancement pills at cvs!

Male Enhancement Pills – The Bottom Line

There are thousands of male enhancement pills out there. Knowing which is best for you is a matter of good research. The top-rated products are a good place to start your search. Since there’s little scientific research, regulation, and proof, you’ll need to rely on what the users themselves say. It might take a few hours’ work, but it’s well worth the effort.

The idea of a sex life like you’ve never had before is certainly worth the effort. You’ve probably spent more time researching an essay in college. A male enhancement product can have a profound effect on your sex life over your whole life.

Male Enhancement Pills: Do They Really Work?
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