Kick Ass and Take Names: Why You Should Pick Up Martial Arts for Weight Loss

Half of the time, the reason that we don’t want to take steps to lose weight is the fact that working out is such a chore. Sure, it gets better as you do it more, and people end up generally enjoying the various pieces of working out at a gym.

That said, it’s hard to get over the hump and start to really get excited about working out. That’s why it can be beneficial to find alternative forms of working out that you might actually enjoy. Martial arts is one such form of exercise. 

We’re going to lay out a few reasons why using martial arts for weight loss could be an excellent option for you.

Martial Arts for Weight Loss

We’ll go into a little bit about how martial arts will help you lose weight in addition to going over the other benefits of taking on martial arts as a practice. Things like discipline, self-defense, confidence, and concentration are all things that come along with a determined practice in martial arts. 

Many schools, like this martial arts school, offer a variety of classes, too. That means that there’s something for everyone out there, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look.

You’ll Lose Weight and More

The physical aspect of martial arts is certainly demanding. That said, you ease into the practice at a pace that suits where your body is at. 

Repetition of techniques will allow you to slowly tone your muscles and lose weight, eventually getting you to a place where those movements are second nature. At the same time, that repetition is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Cardio is one of the essential workout elements that contribute to weight loss. 

There are a lot of pieces to martial arts that entail cardio exercise, but, in general, the repetition of specific movements is something that will raise one’s heart rate. As you start to learn weight and gain some muscle tone, your exercise will result in stamina which allows you to develop your skills further. 


Any form of martial arts is going to leave you with the skills needed to defend yourself. While threats will vary in their nature and skill level, it holds that a sound training in martial arts will allow you to be confident in your ability to defend attackers.

With adequate training, you’ll be able to readily disarm and control those who would try to attack you or pose a threat. Not only that, put your skills will probably end up humiliating them. 

Most people aren’t trained in anticipating and responding to physical movements of an opponent, and martial arts has broken that practice down to a science. 


Let’s be honest, it feels good to look good. As you begin to lose weight and develop muscle tone, you’re going to experience a boost of confidence that can only come from hard work and success. 

You can be sure that all of the work you put in will come out on the other end with a fitter body and a healthier life. Further, you’re going to gain confidence from the simple fact that you’re developing a skill and working at it. 

The level of discipline that martial arts instill in students is extremely high. That discipline is meant to move outward into other areas of your life as well. As you move forward in martial arts, you’ll find that your progress spreads out into your habits, relationships, and work ethic. 

Another area of confidence will develop from your ability to defend yourself. You won’t be intimidated by others in the same way you may have been before. This is especially true if you’re experiencing any form of bullying at school or work. 

Not that you should flex your skills at work or school, but you can know that, if approached, you have the ability to readily and easily defend any attack from someone who relies on size or strength alone. 

Whoever You Are, You Can Do It

Another great aspect of martial arts is that you can come at it from literally any skill level or age. You don’t have to be in any particular shape, and instructors are going to be understanding and patient with you as you start to get into the swing of things. 

Martial arts, in general, aim to make general advancements with the individual. This means that it isn’t about one specific motion or technique, it’s about principles and becoming an improved person. 

The most important elements are generally to develop your mental discipline and come to a more calm state of mind as a result of the training you’ll receive. Confidence and self-esteem are also integral parts of that process, and you’ll develop those as well. 

It’s hard to think of another activity that promotes that kind of self-development and growth on top of offering physical fitness and weight loss. On top of that, you’ll be confident in your ability to defend yourself and the people around you if there’s any reason to do so. 

These things might all be difficult to imagine if you’re at a low stage in life at the moment. When we’re down, it can seem like we’re never good enough to make the kind of improvements we need to. 

It’s alright if you feel that way, but know that there are people out there who will help you work up to the point you need to be. Martial arts has been used and refined for centuries, and many people who enter into it don’t have the confidence or skills that they wish they did. 

As long as you stick with the practice and continue to put the effort in, you will see results come back to you. 

Looking for Other Ways to Lose Weight?

Using martial arts for weight loss is certainly a commitment. Maybe you’re looking for some other options to improve your health and change the way you look. 

If you’re interested in learning more about weight loss, visit our site for the information you need. 

Kick Ass and Take Names: Why You Should Pick Up Martial Arts for Weight Loss
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