Best Prohormones on the Market 2018 (LEGAL) 1-Andro

Prohormones are substances that convert to testosterone in your body via a 2 step process. The best prohormones on the market were made popular in the 90’s by the large-muscled baseball star Mark McGwire during his chase to break baseball’s home run record. Because prohormones are not synthetic testosterone themselves they are not illegal. The problem is they are poorly absorbed by the body. That has all changed with recent advancements in absorption boosting products that can boost bioavailability of some substances by up to 2000%!

1-Androstene is the most promising of the prohormones and has now arrived to the market for the first time powered by these bioavailability boosters, Black Pepper Extract and Grapefruit Extract. The results are astounding, and soon I will introduce you to this breakthrough product. But first, I will explan a bit more about prohormones by answering a few of the most common questions.

Best Prohormones on the Market – 1-Andro FAQ

What is 1-Andro?
1-Andro (not to be confused with Andro400, which is NOT a prohormone) is metabolite of testosterone itself, the male sex hormone responsible for many processes in the body, most notable muscle building and fat burning. It is non-methylated, which simply means it does not convert to estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for the negative side effects of steroids. So as you can see with prohormones there is the potential for increased testosterone without the negative side effects.

What does 1-Andro do?
Let’s start with what it does not do. 1-Androsterone does not convert to estrogen, and actually has anti-estrogenic effects, which means it is a good compound to use if you are doing a cutting cycle as it will aid in fat loss. 1-Andro has relatively potent androgenic effects meaning gains will produce little to no water retention. Due to the lack of water retention gains will not occur rapidly, but gains are very easily retained during and after post cycle. 1-Androsterone products are great stackers, and can be stacked with almost any compound.

What are the side effects of 1-Andro?
Side effects are very low if any at all due to this compound being non-methylated. The non-methylated nature of this compound means that is non-liver toxic. Estrogenic related side effects such as gyno are virtually non-existent. Due to the androgenic potency of this compound, those who are prone to male pattern baldness should avoid this compound as mild hair loss poses a risk to those who are susceptible.

So what about these fancy prohormone add-ons that increase absorption?

Piperine is known for changing metabolism of various drugs and supplements, most notably increasing curcumin bioavailability by 2000%.[2] It affects metabolism by both intestinal absorption as well as downregulating or inhibiting phase II detoxification enzymes and the glucuronidation process in the liver.[3] It may also contribute to increase absorption by slowing intestinal transit rate and thus prolonging the time said compounds are exposed to the potential uptake.[4]

When you take prohormones (or any oral supplement or drug for that matter), the pills or capsules hit your digestive system. Your digestive tract is basically a big basin and metres of tubes filled with acid and enzymes that will disolve and digest your food. So when you put drugs or supplements in there, your body does the same thing.

One group of enzymes in particular do a really good job of breaking down medicines and supplements. This reduces the amount that makes it into your blood.

However, grapefruit juice contains a chemicals called ‘furanocoumarins’. These stop the supplement-hating enzymes from doing their job and so more goes into your system.

Strength1 Prohormone SupplementStrength 1 for New PR’s!

Strength 1 is like no other when it comes to adding intense strength and lean, dry muscle in the shortest amount of time possible. With Strength 1 you will unleash the insane raw power that 1-Andro delivers. Strength1 packs a clinically proven amount 1-Andro per capsule. Strength and serious muscle gains are immanent.

1-Andro (1-Dhea) is a powerful anabolic compound in Strength1. 1-Andro turns into 1-testosterone in the human body through a 2-step conversion process. 1-Testostorone is 7 times more anabolic than regular testosterone! The best part is that it doesn’t turn into estrogen. 1-Andro is a non-methylated compound that is safe on the liver, unlike prohormones of the past. With products of the past, side effects were a big issue. The 1-Andro in Strength1 lacks the typical side effects of the similar banned products. Now you can expect to put on serious strength and smash all your previous PRs.

Harness the raw power of Strength1 in your blood stream and become Strong as hell!

Strength 1 Delivers Hard Hitting Results!

Skyrocket Strength Gains
7x more Anabolic Than Testosterone
Lean, Dry Muscle Gains
Turbo Charge Protein Synthesis
Zero Conversion to Estrogen
Insane Muscle Pumps
Increase Fat Metabolism
Stimulate Muscle Definition and Hardness
Elite Peak Intake Complex (EPIC)

Strength1 Prohormone Supplement FactsProhormones are typically poorly absorbed and utilized by the body. EPIC is a specific blend of 3 of the strongest absorption enhancers that increases the amount of available prohormone in the bloodstream. Not only will it increase the absorption into the bloodstream, it also decreases the amount of the prohormone that is immediately broken down by the liver. With EPIC, you will get superior results than from other stand-alone prohormones!

Best Prohormones on the Market 2018 (LEGAL) 1-Andro
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