Spartagen XT WILL Boost Testosterone But Its Not Available at WalMart!

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From eating an estrogen producing diet, to trying to buy the hottest Test Boosters like Spartagen XT at Walmart, Testosterone is something most men simply do not understand. We will show you the best ways to start boosting your natural testosterone levels and reducing estrogen.

First, what is testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and it’s responsible for many traits that we consider traditionally male.

These include hair growth, a deep voice, muscular definition, strength and libido among other things.

For guys, having lots of testosterone is generally considered very desirable. Not only does it decrease body fat while increasing muscle mass but it can also turn a guy into an ‘alpha male’ that will help them to be tougher and more dominant in social situations.

The question though, is how exactly you go about boosting testosterone naturally. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get this underway!

You Probably Have Low Testosterone

Before we get into how to raise testosterone, maybe you should try to stop lowering it. Most of us have low testosterone currently and the average man has 20% less testosterone today than they did 20 years ago. There has been a 1% decline in T every year and this is down to numerous factors.

These include:

  • Getting less sleep
  • Being less active
  • Spending less time in the sun
  • Being more stressed
  • Reducing our consumption of saturated fats
  • Exposure to certain chemicals and medications
  • Less dietary intake of foods that boost testosterone


What doesn’t help is that there currently isn’t any ‘standardized test’ for testosterone. If you get measured by your doctor then they will tell you whether you’re in the normal range. Unfortunately, that ‘normal range’ is probably also much lower than it should be. Normal does not mean optimal! This is measured in ng/dl which stands for nanograms per decileter.

If you feel tired, if you have a low sex drive and if you have low muscle mass and high body fat, you may well have lower testosterone than you should have and its time you learned how to boost testosterone. It is truly the fastest way to lose weight and build muscle.


muscles - spartagen xt walmartHow to Boost Testosterone


With that out the way, it should be immediately apparent how to increase testosterone levels quickly. Our sedate lifestyles are what are responsible for these low levels, so simply getting outside and being more active can start to reverse that cycle.


  • Getting more sleep and giving it more priority
  • Exercising (this makes the biggest difference)
  • Spending time outside
  • Reducing stress
  • Eating more naturally


Eating saturated fats in particular is very important as our bodies actually make testosterone out of cholesterol, the best natural testosterone booster, and we get that cholesterol from saturated fat in our diet.

In particular, try to drink testosterone boosting foods for men such as full fat milk and try to consume eggs and beef. Eggs and beef in particular are nature’s best men’s testosterone booster. Do this just before having a good night’s sleep – when we sleep our bodies are in their most anabolic states meaning that they produce vast quantities of testosterone and growth hormone to accelerate our muscle growth and fat loss. So eat your testosterone food because they are rich in Vitamin D and cholesterol.

Meanwhile, vitamin D is also very important and one of the best vitamins to increase testosterone. This is produced in our bodies during exposure to sunlight and it actually isn’t a vitamin in the sense that other vitamins are. Rather, you can think of foods that increase testosterone and vitamin D as being more like your ‘master hormone’ that controls levels of all the other hormones in your body. This includes melatonin and helps you sleep. What’s more though, is that it also modulates your testosterone production.

In addition to consuming foods that boost testosterone, note that different types of exercise can also have more or less benefit in this way. Particularly useful are weight lifting moves that incorporate as many different muscle groups as possible. Think compound movements like squats and deadlifts!


Try an All Natural Testosterone Booster Like Spartagen XT


All natural testosterone supplements are a healthier alternative to testosterone replacement. There are many healthy testosterone boosters available online or at your local natural health source.  However, please don’t go looking for them at Wal-Mart! Don’t get me wrong, Wal-Mart is great for finding everyday items at lower prices. But your Testosterone Booster is not an everyday item. And really not something you should be skimping on price. That doesn’t mean the most expensive one is the best, either. But you need to focus on quality first and price second. Its not tough to find a cheap testosterone booster, the difficult part is finding the testosterone boosters that work! Testosyn, Zytenz, Vigorexin, and Andro 400 are just a few of the more popular supplements for increasing testosterone. But the best testosterone booster on the market, hands down, is Spartagen XT. Its not only an effective test booster, but also one of the top male enhancement pills you can buy without a prescription. It also has one of the highest ratings from customers who have purchased this product from our site.

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Things to Avoid When Trying to Boost Testosterone


BPA is bisphenol-A, a synthetic chemical found in some plastics and hair shampoos and which can lower levels of testosterone and increase oestrogen. Some guys go out of their way to avoid this chemical and even to avoid tap water which contains some amount of oestrogen. Try to avoid testosterone killing foods such as sugar and soy if at all possible.

However, doing this actually involves a lot of work for a relatively minor pay-off. If you’re absolutely serious about boosting testosterone levels, then you can try it but it’s not going to be worthwhile for the majority of people.

Something else not worthwhile? Weak and ineffective testosterone boosting supplements. All natural men’s testosterone boosters tend to contain very small amounts of substances like ZMA and tribulus terrestris that have been shown in laboratory studies to boost testosterone. In reality though, the effect these ingredients have is generally so small as to not really be worthwhile. You can end up spending a lot of money on these products. You’re much better off getting what you need through your diet of testosterone producing foods and avoiding testosterone supplements side effects! In particular stay away from anything labeled homeopathic testosterone booster, herbal testosterone booster, or products that are for male enhancement sold at walmart.

Boost Free Testosterone with Spartagen XT


What’s important is not just to boost testosterone but to increase free testosterone. Free testosterone is the testosterone that you have moving freely through your blood and this can be increased by reducing something else called SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin. When you do this, your testosterone can actually be used and you can become stronger, faster and more driven.

To do this, you can increase your consumption of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are a natural low testosterone treatment and can reduce SBHG and at the same time will increase the production of luteinizing hormones – which combat estrogens.

Some people say that boron can also effectively reduce the amount of SHBG in the system. Follow these tips and you will be one of the few men on the planet that understand how to boost testosterone naturally.

So start eating a better diet right now, stop buying cheap supplements at WalMart, and take a look at the Gold Standard of natural testosterone supplements, Spartagen XT, available ONLY from Edge BioActives.

Spartagen XT WILL Boost Testosterone But Its Not Available at WalMart!
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